EIP and Stobbs announce new collaboration

Two pioneering IP firms, EIP and Stobbs, have announced a new collaboration to provide clients with specialist services in patent protection and trademarking.

The innovative agreement will see EIP, a European and US IP firm, focusing on high-value patent matters and Stobbs, the UK-based intangible asset management company, expanding its trademark practice. This joint offering will enable both companies to focus and expand their practices in patents and trademarks, respectively.

Commenting on the partnership, Magnus Hallin, CEO at EIP, said: “This unique collaboration reflects the increasing need for specialism in the IP space, enabling each business to focus on what it’s best at, which will be beneficial to current and future clients”.

Julius Stobbs, founder and principal at Stobbs, added: “We’re cut from the same cloth, in both taking a highly-entrepreneurial approach to IP, in a sector that can often be very traditional and slow-moving. Together we will both be more than the sum of our parts. This truly is a case where 1+1=3”.

To ensure both firms are able to focus on their specialist areas, EIP’s European trademark offering will be undertaken by Stobbs, while EIP will continue to provide US trademark advice.