How EIP is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

Research from the Mental Health Foundation shows the positive impact that nature has had on our mental health throughout the pandemic. To support this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week theme, the Mental Health Foundation has called for people to share stories about the impact of nature on mental health.

Nicola Greenbrook, HR Specialist (Employee Engagement), has been involved in a poetry publishing venture called The Mum Poem Press that focuses on all aspects of motherhood including perinatal mental health. As part of this venture, Nicola has written a poem titled ‘Walking’, which she shared with EIP colleagues in support of the week.

Alongside Nicola, EIP’s team of Mental Health First Aiders have been sharing inspirational videos on internal channels to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved. Sharon St Louis, Paralegal Manager, inaugurated the week with a story of events leading to her becoming interested in mental health and eventually becoming a Samaritan. Patent Attorney, Alex Gardiner, also shared a video, in which he shed light about a common mental health disorder and its realities on daily life.

Patent Attorney, Heather McCann, marked the end of the week by posting a video with a reflection on the importance of finding ways to manage our expectations

The Songs of Love & Strength anthology which Nicola’s poem features in was published as part of the UK’s Maternal Mental Health Week on 5 May 2021 and profits from the sales are being donated to the PANDAS Foundation. The anthology is available to purchase here.