EIP Welcomes Eric Williams as new Managing Partner in the firm’s Denver office

Today marks a new stage in the development of EIP’s US presence as we announce Eric Williams as the new Managing Partner of our Denver office, succeeding Leigh Augustine.

With nearly two decades of expertise as a Patent Attorney, Eric’s extensive background in a diverse array of technologies has been crucial in fortifying our clients’ patent protections and strategies. Eric focuses primarily on patent procurement, due diligence, opinion work, portfolio management and strategic client counselling. He has also assisted with US patent litigation matters including pre-suit assessments and handled US and European Patent Office (EPO) post-grant proceedings. This mixed experience exemplifies EIP’s unique blend of service offerings.

Leigh Augustine will transition to an academic role at the University of Colorado Boulder. Leigh’s legacy includes a wealth of expertise in trademark law, and he will continue to have a close advisory relationship with EIP.

Reflecting on his tenure, Leigh said, “Guiding the Denver office has been a privilege. I wish Eric the very best and know he will maintain and grow a collaborative spirit with the same respect to value and innovation that has always been EIP’s hallmark.”

EIP remains a pioneering force in the sector as the first UK patent law firm with an established office in the US, reinforcing our commitment to advising our clients on high-value and complex patents in key patent markets. The US and UK offices are closely integrated and dedicated to providing a seamless service to our clients who have intellectual property interests on both sides of the Atlantic.

Expressing his eagerness for the new role, Eric Williams said, “I'm excited to embrace this opportunity and build on Leigh's strong foundation. We’re a small but tight-knit team and we will continue to deliver the best strategic advice to our clients.”

Magnus Hallin, CEO of EIP, expressed gratitude for Leigh's leadership, stating, “We will always be grateful to Leigh for being a strong anchor for the team and, after all, it’s not a real farewell as we will keep relying on his expertise. We are also very excited for Eric to step into this new role and to bring his experience and skill forward as our Denver office continues to thrive.”

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