Leading international patent firms launch UPC litigation powerhouse

Today EIP Amar, an alliance between EIP and Amar Goussu Staub, launches to support clients with high stakes litigation before the new Unified Patent Court (UPC). Together, the two companies will form a UPC litigation powerhouse by combining their expertise to advise on UPC litigation matters.

EIP Amar will bring together highly recognised litigation lawyers and European patent attorneys with a wealth of experience from litigation and European opposition proceedings in English, German and French and across all technical fields. The team has in-depth experience advising international clients, particularly in the US, on European, cross-border and complex litigation matters with a track record of success.

With its presence in the main UPC countries Germany and France, EIP Amar is well situated. It complements this with a strong presence in the UK, the largest European litigation country outside the UPC. As an alliance, EIP Amar will therefore be able to fully support any pan-European litigation and field an experienced and tailored team on behalf of any client.

EIP Amar combines in-depth French litigation proceedings with German litigation experience, as well as a presence in Sweden, which has the only regional division of the UPC. While the UK is not part of the UPC since Brexit it is still anticipated to be very important when the UPC comes into effect for a number of reasons, and EIP Amar’s experience in pan-European patent litigation will provide in-depth expertise for clients to call upon when dealing with UPC litigation.

EIP’s CEO Magnus Hallin comments:“EIP and Amar Goussu Staub have worked together on high-value patent litigation matters before, so I am delighted that we can now bring together our complementary skills and launch EIP Amar to support clients through the new UPC system.”

Amar Goussu Staub’s co-founder Cyrille Amar says:“EIP Amar has experts in the key jurisdictions that will be important to the UPC, including Paris where one of the main divisional courts and the central division will be based. I’m excited for the two firms to work as an alliance advising clients as this new era for European patents dawns.”

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