Tribute to Mr Justice Henry Carr

Tributes have been paid to a good friend of EIP, Mr Justice Henry Carr, following his death on 19 July.

When at the bar Henry Carr represented EIP’s client, Visto Corporation, in its patent dispute with Research in Motion (BlackBerry). Following his elevation to the Bench Henry was the Judge in several actions which EIP brought on behalf of its clients Unwired Planet and Conversant.

Gary Moss, head of EIP Legal, said: “Henry Carr had a fine legal brain and was able to cut through the issues to get to the heart of the dispute very rapidly. He possessed a very pleasant demeanour and was always ready with a joke or quip so as to lighten the atmosphere. It was a pleasure to have a case before him even when he found against you. He will be sadly missed and his untimely death is a significant loss to the UK patent community.”