Stuart McKellar

Patent Scientist

Stuart McKellar

Stuart is a patent scientist with an academic background in molecular biology, microbiology and virology. His research has given him practical experience in genetic modification techniques, RNA and protein biochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, multiple next-generation sequencing techniques and mass spectroscopy. Additionally, Stuart developed expertise in Python-based computational biology.

During his PhD at the University of Edinburgh, Stuart’s research interrogated the mechanisms underlying how non-coding RNAs regulate the translation of mRNAs and therefore the resulting proteome. Stuart focused on how such mechanisms allow bacteria to survive when infecting humans and he published this work in Nature Communications.

Afterwards, Stuart continued his academic career at Guy’s Hospital in collaboration with King’s College London. Here, he studied how Influenza A virus shuts down the innate defences of its infected host cell. Additionally, he was involved in the development of a novel COVID testing platform.

Published articles

  • January 2024
    EIP Updates, Amendments to Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal: attempt to enhance timeliness for cases involving parallel litigation (link)
  • January 2024
    EIP Updates, Admissibility before Boards of Appeal at the EPO: Current state of play (link)
  • August 2023
    EIP Updates, #Barbenheimer: A Tale of Patents, Designs and Possibilities (link)
  • 2022
    Nature Communications, RNase III CLASH in MRSA uncovers sRNA regulatory networks coupling metabolism to toxin expression (link)
  • 2020
    Journal of Visualized Experiments, Monitoring Protein-RNA Interaction Dynamics In Vivo at High Temporal Resolution Using χCRAC (link)
  • 2020
    University of Edinburgh, Identification of non-coding RNA interactions that dictate Staphylococcus aureus virulence, (link)

Education and qualifications

  • 2016 — 2020
    PhD in cell biology, University of Edinburgh
  • 2015 — 2016
    MRes in cell biology, University of Edinburgh
  • 2010 — 2015
    MSci molecular and cellular biology, University of Glasgow

Career history

  • 2023 — present
    Patent Scientist, EIP
  • 2021 — 2023
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, King’s College London

Awards and recognition

  • Andrew Jamieson Prize for most distinguished graduate at University of Glasgow.
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate - machine learning, data analytics and data communication.

Speaking engagements

  • September 2022
    RNA 3' end formation and the regulation of eukaryotic genomes, Alternative mechanisms of influenza A virus-induced transcription termination defects
  • August 2019
    Gordon Research Conference on Staphylococcal Diseases, Identification of non-coding RNA interactions that dictate Staphylococcus aureus virulence



  • Biotech
  • Cell therapy
  • Gene editing
  • Immunotherapy