Tom Swift

Patent Scientist,

Tom Swift

Tom is a Patent Scientist with broad technical expertise including physical chemistry, optics, photonics, nanomaterials, and medical devices. He joined EIP from the University of Bristol where he was a research fellow in physical chemistry. His research included ultrafast spectroscopy, nanomaterials, and the applications of carbon dots and quantum dots, including in displays, light harvesting, and medicine. Much of his research was in collaboration with industrial partners, start-ups, and the NHS.

Tom’s PhD was in functional nanomaterials at the University of Bristol, where he researched light harvesting in photosynthesis; the design, synthesis, and fabrication of nanomaterials; and the study of the physical and electronic structures of carbon dots and quantum dots. Tom’s work has been published in various academic journals and he has presented at national and international conferences.

Published articles

  • March 2022
    Nanoscale, Small variations in reaction conditions tune carbon dot fluorescence (link)
  • August 2020
    New Phytologist, Photosynthesis and crop productivity are enhanced by glucose‐functionalized carbon dots (link)
  • November 2019
    Bio Rxiv, A simple method for spray-on gene editing in planta (link)
  • December 2018
    Interface Focus, Functional nanomaterials to augment photosynthesis: evidence and considerations for their responsible use in agricultural applications (link)
  • July 2018
    Nanoscale, Surface functionalisation significantly changes the physical and electronic properties of carbon nano-dots (link)

Education and qualifications

  • 2021
    Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property, Bournemouth University
  • 2014 — 2018
    PhD Functional Nanomaterials, University of Bristol
  • 2011 — 2014
    BSc Physics, University of Bristol

Career history

  • 2020 — present
    Patent Scientist, EIP
  • 2019 — 2020
    Academic Co-founder, Glaia
  • 2019 — 2020
    EPSRC Doctorial Prize Fellow, University of Bristol
  • 2018 — 2019
    Postdoctorial Research Associate, University of Bristol

Languages spoken

  • English



  • Applied physics
  • Medical imaging
  • Photonics and optics
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecommunications


  • Electrochemistry
  • Materials science
  • Semiconductors


  • Medical imaging