EIP Around the World - Australia

To mark the festive season, we spoke to our EIP colleagues who has international background or connection and asked how they celebrate the festivity in their home countries.

Christmas in Australia by Azadeh Vahdat, Associate, Foreign Qualified Lawyer

Q. When is your Christmas?

Aussies love Christmas and usually start festivities on the first day of December. It also marks the first day of summer so everyone is generally in a jolly mood.

Q. Are there any special Christmas dishes or food people eat?

You will consume at least one BBQ meal during the festive season involving some kind of seafood (think shrimp on the barbie). A Christmas ham for lunch is also a trend on Christmas day, with a fruit pavlova for dessert.

Q. Are there any particular traditions?

You will find most people at the beach having a BBQ in December, although a lot of people travel over the Christmas period because it is summer school holidays. Christmas day itself is a very family-oriented day and most people spend it at home under the A/C or in the pool.

Q. And Music?

There is a meme about Michael Bublé emerging from his cave every Christmas, and it couldn’t be more true for Australians. His Christmas album is on repeat in every supermarket and department store for the entire month of December!

Q. Anything else?

As Christmas falls in the summer school holidays, offices are usually forced shut between Christmas and New Year, and sometimes even the first week of the new year. You'll see Christmas decorations up until Australia day (26th January)!!