The EIP HealthTech team helps clients in the healthcare and medical sectors to identify, protect and defend their innovative products and processes in this commercially important area. Our attorneys in Europe and the US have many years' experience working with industry bodies, companies and universities in the medical and healthcare sectors, providing high quality, effective commercially focussed advice.

The EIP HealthTech team is expertly placed to handle the full spectrum of inventions in areas such as medical devices, surgical implants and tools, injection systems, pumps, digital health, animal health, personalised and customised healthcare, medical imaging, femtech, telemedicine, diagnostics, AI, catheters, surgical delivery systems, drug delivery, wound therapeutics and microfluidic devices, as well as computer-implemented healthcare systems, apps and AI-driven assistance innovations.We are able to maximise protection for inventions in all of these areas, taking into account the differences in patent law around surgical and diagnostic inventions in Europe, the US and other important markets. Our inter-disciplinary team of attorneys across the whole of EIP work together as needed to give clients the best technical expertise for each specific project.We understand the importance of assessing freedom to operate in these fast-moving and competitive sectors and can assist with due diligence projects. Also, our team regularly acts in contentious proceedings for our medical and healthcare clients. We are experts at using the European Patent Office opposition system, often in combination with parallel litigation, to help achieve commercial success.

Our specialisms

Additive manufacturing
Digital health
Medical devices
Medical imaging
Personalised healthcare
Surgical tools and implants
Telemedicine and remote surgery

An integrated team

We provide support for all aspects of patents: from strategic and commercial advice, to registering and enforcement.

Our litigation and patenting team work closely together to provide commercially-focused legally-robust patents, as well as litigation services that can respond more quickly and intelligently by leaning on specialist expertise.

Head of EIP HealthTech

Gareth Probert


UK and European Patent Attorney

Head of International Litigation

Gary Moss



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